Founded in 2012, House of Today is a non-profit organization that identifies, curates & showcases, nurtures and connects emerging Lebanese designers to create a relationship with design experts that will allow talent to develop. 
HoT is dedicated to the enrichment of Lebanon’s design culture.

Stemming from a desire to promote under recognized talent, House of Today is a platform that inspires, creates, and influences.

Led by founder and chairwoman Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, House of Today is a platform for collaboration between Lebanon's most creative thinkers and the most promising members of its youth.

House of Today’s qualifying committee of renowned and established professionals, selects new and emerging talent - those showing the highest potential in design.
By identifying talent across Lebanon, HoT creates a repertoire of design for the region.
House of Today supports emerging designers throughout the various stages of creation through its extensive access to leading players in the design world. To further develop talent in Lebanon, HoT offers a scholarship program aimed at providing promising students in need with the opportunity to pursue an education in design.

Curating & Showcasing
Every 2 years, House of Today creates an event that showcases the collaboration between experts and emerging designers, who come together under a central theme to release a collection. Events are meticulously orchestrated to present a stellar collection that highlights the strengths, creativity, and talent of the Lebanese design field. 
Often, and as part of its mission, House of Today raises funds to allow designers to showcase their creations at various institutions and galleries around the world.

House of Today connects design talent with established designers, design patrons, and collectors to create new possibilities and to instigate an open exchange of ideas around design. HoT also provides support and placement opportunities to help promising designers launch careers in the design field, through internships or job openings. House of Today is a gathering of great designers with great ideas.